Independence Statement

Northampton Square are independent analysts.
Being independent is important to Northampton Square Ltd because we know that is exactly what you expect of us. This means that when you read our research reports and comments, you can rest assured that what you read are our opinions, not those of any other individual or organisation. We base our views on the highest quality research and analysis, moderated by years of experience of the UK public sector.
We will not be influenced by the opinions of any subscriber or client, or former or potential client.
Northampton Square always retains editorial control of its work, including the right to express opinions.
If we are in doubt about an issue we will say so. If new facts come to light after we have published a view on a topic, if need be we will revise our view.
When researching a comment piece we will do our best to speak to the key players. We will assess the information we obtain from all sources against our own extensive knowledge of the public sector. We will always check our facts, but of course, although we can ask for clarification it is not always forthcoming. Please bear in mind, however, that some organisations refuse to confirm details. In these cases we will indicate the lack of verification by using phrases such as “we understand”, “Northampton Square believes”, “Northampton Square estimates” etc.
We believe it is important to take into account all points of view. If you would like us to consider another point of view please use the ‘Ask a Question’ section on the web site to make your point. You will find the link to ‘Ask a Question’ on the right side of the subscriber’s home page and on every main page.
Sometimes we are unable to consider a point of view because the key player refuses our request for an on the record interview.
Our goal is always to add something positive to the current body of knowledge. We aim to take your understanding to a deeper level.
We will never breach client confidentiality.
We will never charge for inclusion in our research.
We do not endorse or promote suppliers, service providers or their technologies, products or services. The statements we will make about suppliers, service providers, their technologies, products and services will all be based on our own research and insights. If we appear at vendor or service provider
events or in webinars, or in other media, this does imply endorsement of their technologies, products or services.
These promises apply to all our work, including advisory and bespoke research services.
These statements do not create any legally binding rights or obligations or form part of any contract.