Pray Haringey Pray The World

Pray Haringey Pray the World
If you live, work or worship in Haringey and care about God's world, this book will be a valuable resource for prayers and action, alone or within your church.
Published in 2002 by the Haringey Churches Justice and Peace Group, this unusual book explores the history of well known Haringey landmarks and links it to the needs of the developing world.
Through stories, prayers and reflections we learn how local people once faced needs like those around the world today, and how they solve and still solve them. (Spiral bound)
Edited by Petra Clarke, Veronica Zundel and Bob Allaway. Preface by David Lammy MP.
Soon after Petra Clarke died in 2007 the Justice & Peace Group ceased to exist. As we were continuing to receive requests for this book we were given the remaining stock (two boxes). One box was given to Bruce Castle Museum, the proceeds to be used to help support the Museum (where the book had been launched). We continue to sell the book, whilst stocks remain. The proceeds from the second box may be claimed by the Group if it has been reformed. However, if nothing is heard from the Group the proceeds will be passed to Holy Trinity Church Tottenham at the end of each calendar year until the box is sold. [March 2017]
Price: £3.00